Community Involvement

Chivic African Safaris has always believed in the importance of being involved not only with nature and the wildlife we encounter every day, but also with the people of the local communities. We consider it an honor and a pleasure, and a major core value of our mission, to give back to our local communities and assist those in need. We help in several ways, most notably with our donations of meat to the local people and with our Blue Bag Program.

Meat Donation

A portion of the meat that it is harvested from the animals hunted with Chivic African Safaris is donated to the local people and charities that work within the communities. These donations make a huge difference with the local people who do not have the resources or the ability to obtain meat for themselves and their families.

Blue Bag Program

Through our Blue Bag program, we support local non-profit organizations through donations of much-needed supplies. Our guests who choose to participate are provided large duffel bags, which they in turn fill with toys, shoes, clothes, toiletries, and educational supplies. These items are then distributed to local families in the area. Delivering these bags in person gives our guests a chance to see first-hand just how meaningful these donations are to the community.

The generosity of our guests makes a real impact in the communities.  In forging a bond between travelers and the local people, we believe we are helping to make the world a little bit smaller.