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Gather ’round the campfire to read stories from our guests sharing some of the highlights of their Chivic African Safari experience.

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Bushbuck in the Orange Grove20180930203814

Bushbuck in the Orange Grove

Bushbuck in the Orange GroveAs told by Ron H.It was midafternoon on day six of a seven-day trip. The sun was nose diving towa...
Coming to Africa!20180926120937

Coming to Africa!

Coming to Africa! I was back in Africa again and man it felt good! This trip was destined to be a great one, but I didn‚...
Going to School20180903180513

Going to School

Going to SchoolCarol H. Our alarm went off early in the morning and I jumped out of bed, knowing what we had planned for...
My First Afternoon!20180829233029

My First Afternoon!

My First Afternoon!As told by Carol I wanted to share one of the many memorable days we had in South Africa.¬† We arrive...
My Gemsbok Hunt20180709113455

My Gemsbok Hunt

My Gemsbok HuntAs told by Jim H. The hunt for my gemsbok could be the subject of a suspenseful magazine article. Stalkin...