Photo Safaris

In addition to our hunting safaris, we also offer some of the area’s best photographic safaris. Whether it be for a day or two added onto your hunt, or your entire trip, we can take you out into the bush so you can see firsthand all that Africa has to offer.

We have the unique advantage to take you where others cannot. Because of our many concessions, we have the ability to not only take you to different areas where you will have the opportunity to see a variety of birds, terrain, and of course animals, but you will have the choice to get out of the truck and see how close you can sneak up to the animals.  You will have an opportunity to walk amongst the animals, which so very few people have ever done. We have concessions where all of the Big 5 roam about freely, in addition to the many other animals that are only found in Africa.

Whether a peaceful drive in a safari vehicle or a walk through the bush, you will encounter the wildlife that has a made Africa the number one destination in the world for animal lovers, nature lovers, and adventurers.

Explore Greater Kruger National Park

We can take you on a drive through the famous Greater Kruger National Park, which can easily be upgraded to a two-day trip with a night spent inside the park. Inside this incredible park, you will have the opportunity to see most of South Africa’s antelope as well as the huge numbers of the Big 5 that call the park home.  Yet another way Chivic African Safaris is so different from the rest will be very obvious to you as you drive through the park.  You will see buses filled with tourists, while you enjoy the privacy we provide to all of our clients.  You and your group will be the only people in our vehicles as you enjoy your private tour of this great park.

Family Concession inside the Park

We can also spend a day on our family concession, which is also inside the park. This is an incredibly unique experience that only a very few will ever experience. In the park proper, no one is allowed to get out of their vehicles, and often there are several vehicles near you as you tour the park. On our family concession, we will be the only people in the entire area, and you will be able to get out of the vehicles and walk around freely among the animals.

An Experience to Remember

Whatever you choose for your photo safari, you will most certainly take some of your favorite photographs of the trip. It is always one of the absolute favorite days of the time spent in Africa.

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Sample Itinerary

          Every safari is customized to our guests

  • Day 1:  Drive to Hoedspruit, get settled in camp, and afternoon game drive
  • Day 2:  Short hike, view site of “Survivor” television show, swim underneath a waterfall, and then an afternoon “walk through the bush”
  • Day 3:  Visit local school and deliver the Blue Bags, and visit Jessica the hippo
  • Day 4:  Visit Kruger National Park with lunch inside the park
  • Day 5:  Elephant experience and visit animal rehab center, and sit at waterhole in the afternoon
  • Day 6:  Game drive and souvenir shopping
  • Day 7:  Relaxing breakfast, packing-up, and drive to Johannesburg